Swimwear haul

1:56 PM

Last week I went to the seaside for the first time this year and I obvioulsly had to get some new bikinis for the occasion!
So here are my brand-new swimsuits...

This is the first bikini I got in the open-air market in Riccione, so I'm not going to be able to link the same exact one but I'll try to find a similar piece for more or less the same price (5 euros!!)
It is a beautiful cobalt blue strapless bandeau top I paired with a Primark black bikini bottom with blue and light green details that I got a couple moths ago in the UK for 6£... I love how well they look together!

This bikini top is a really cool one because it actually looks like a crop top more than a bra!
I got it from HM last year but this style is such a bestseller that the shop is still selling it right now; the bottom is from the same market I mentioned before and I got it for 5 euros!

As you can see, I loved the blue top so much that I also got it in this turquoise color. This one had its paired bottom in the same color and I bought the whole bikini for just 10 euros!

THIS ONE: Oh My God, I just L O V E it! I got it yesterday from H&M and it is awesome. It's avaliable in this print, in a floral one, in black and in white; both the top and the bottom are 4.99 euros each so I definitely had to get it.
Even though at first the print didn't convince me, as soon as I put it on I fell in love: it'll look so good with a tan!

Last but not least, this printed bikini from H&M is one of the prettiest ones ever.
It was a tiny bit more expensive (14.99 the bra and 12.99 the bottom), but still really cheap. The "oriental" print, the embroidered trim and the silky material are so unique, I couldn't pass it up!

-Blue top: H&M
-Turquoise bikini set: Aliexpress
-White top: H&M
-Floral bottoms: Forever 21
-Printed bandeau top: H&M
-Printed bottoms: H&M
-Printed bikini set: H&M

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