Summer Trends 2016

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Hello everyone!
This week, celebratng the beginning of summer sales here in Italy, I'll be sharing with you my summer must-have trends that you are probably seing everywhere at the moment!

Anja Rubik
These are another favorite of mine: both in the short and in the knee-high version. They are pretty, confortable and so boho! Just put them on and you'll look like you just came home from Coachella. 
NEW LOOK - ankle tie flat sandals    ---  ------------      --------               ALDO - capro sandals ---------------
H&M - sandals                                                       H&M - colorful sandals

Leandra Medine
I am the biggest fan of this trend because it's so effortless but classy at the same time! You can find it on boxy dresses, boho blouses or crisp shirts. I love pairing the shirts with distressed denim shorts or beige linen ones to have a look both femenine and masculine at the same time; as shoes, lace-up sandals always look amazing with these items, giving such a Saint-Tropez vibe to the outfit!
ZARA - denim dress                                                                                  ZARA - white blouse

I recently got myself a pair of these shoes and now I cannot live without them! They look amazing with every sporty outfit and they will be my go-tos this winter as well, when i will be pairing them with skinny jeans and leather jackets.
Obviously the original ones are from Stella McCartney, definitely out of my budget, but SOO cool!
ASOS - mavis flatform shoes                   ---     ---   -----        WAREHOUSE - espadrille flatform
STELLA MCCARTNEY - elyse shoes

Sometimes I just feel like wearing a pair of denim shorts with a soft, oversized and printed t-shirt and, even though these are better looking when bought at thrft stores, sometimes you can find extremely cool ones in shops and websites. I recommend buying shirts with the logo of your favorite bands, brands or films, just so that they can represent your personality a lot better.
ASOS - 90's americana printed tshirt     ----------------------    REEBOOK - logo panel tshirt

Kourtney Kardashian
It's summer and, who doesn't love partying and going out with this gorgeous weather? Problem is, feet HURT. These shoes are the solution: extra high but super confortable heels. I love platforms because they literally look good with everything: go for a wooden or espadrilla heel for a boho outfit and for a black or metallic one for an edgy look.
--------------------H&M - wedges               TOPSHOP - buckle trim platforms

These dresses are such a staple to me! You can get them in the longuette version to have a sexy. lingerie feeling or you can choose the short one for a relaxed but still sensual vibe.
I think they also look really cool with sneakers, baseball caps and denim jackets if you prefer edgy looks or you can pair them with heels and rep lipstick for a date night.
---ASOS - mini slip dress --------------------------------------ASOS - twist front cami dress

Last but not least, how could I forget about makeup! Glowy and tanned skin looks so good with bronze eyeshadow, eyeliner, long eyelashes, bushy eyebrows and red lipstick. Brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Mac, Nars, L'oreal and Maybelline ROCK these looks and you can achieve them copying what has been seen on the runway.
-----------------Burberry  ------------------------------------------Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda (#dglovesnaples)

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