Vanessa Hudgens - 9/2/15

2:47 AM

Vanessa Hudgens wore this bohemian outfit at the A List 15th Anniversary Party in Beverly Hills on September 2nd and I am SO in love with it.
Since her pants were from Forever21 and I didn't need to find a cheaper version, I decided to look for all the other pieces on as well.
I chose this blouse that looks almost exactly the same and this gold embellished ring set.
I couldn't find a pair of earrings that looked exactly like hers but these ones have the same teardrop shape and a light blue detail, so I think they would look relly good with this outfit.
Lastly, I didn't know what type of shoes she was wearing but I think some chunky heels like these would be amazing.

Comment down below to tell me what outfit you think I shoud recreate next!

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